The BigComp 2019 banquet will be held at Kyoto Hotel Okura, which is a high-class hotel located at the center of Kyoto, a four-star hotel certified by the Michelin Guide, and one of the most historical hotels in Kyoto.

Banquet participants can enjoy a Japanese-Western style dinner at the banquet, with Japanese culture experiences that you may not be able to see in the other Japanese cities. We also plan to have a best paper award ceremony and introduction of the next BigComp.

Since the venue is placed at the center of Kyoto, it is convenient for participants to further experience Kyoto after the banquet. Kyoto Hotel Okura is only 5-minutes walk away from Shijo Kawaramachi area, where many Japanese restaurants and bars are open even after the banquet.

Note that only Regular (Conference + Workshops) participants or those who purchased an extra banquet ticket are invited to the banquet. Please make sure you bring your name badge or an extra banquet ticket with you.

Access to the Banquet Venue

Buses will be arranged after the end of the last session on March 1st, 18:00, in front of the main entrance gate of Kyoto University, where you can find a large BigComp 2019 sign. Please do not be late if you want to use the offered buses.

It is also easy to get to the banquet venue, Kyoto Hotel Okura, by bus #3 or #17 departing from Haykumanben bus stop to Shijo Kawaramachi within 25 minutes, or taxi within 15 minutes. Welcome drinks will be provided from around 18:30.

After the Banquet

Buses will be arranged after the end of the banquet, each of which will go to Kyoto University, JR Kyoto Station, and Shijo Karasuma, respectively (see their locations below). Please choose an appropriate bus depending on your accomondation location.

Meanwhile, as the banquet venue is located at the center of Kyoto, you can also use a bus, a subway (Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae subway station is next to the banquet venue), or a taxi. It is also possible to further enjoy Kyoto by going south, where there are many restaurants and bars.