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1. The 2nd International Workshop on Affective and Sentimental Computing (ASC 2018)

• Organizer: Tak-Lam Wong, Fu Lee Wang, Tianyong Hao, Wei Chen, Haoran Xie and Xiaohui Tao

• Date: January 15, 2018

• Website:

As the rapid growth of user-generated data from social networks, wikis and social tagging systems, it is necessary to understand the high-level semantics and user subjective perceptions from such a large volume of data. Emotions or sentiments are one of the most important aspects as the user-generated data are always with emotional loads of their creators. Along with the development of the computational techniques for sentiment analysis and opinion mining, the increasing psychological and cognitive models/theories are exploited for modeling sentiments and emotions by incorporating with social computing techniques such as social network and personalization, mining user reviews, user profiling in social network and so on. Connecting affective/sentimental models and social computing techniques not only can facilitate the understanding big data in at semantic-levels but also improve the performance of various social computing applications in the big data era. It combines affective/sentimental models with social computing as a promising direction and offers opportunities for developing novel algorithms, methods and tools.

The 2nd International Workshop on Affective and Sentimental Computing (ASC 2018) in conjunction with the 5th IEEE International Conference on Big data and smart Computing (BigComp 2018) will bring together the academia, researchers, and industrial practitioners from computer science, information systems, psychology, behavior science, and organization science discipline, and provide a forum for recent advances in the field of sentiment analysis, affective computing, emotion detections, and opinion mining from the perspectives of various computing techniques.


2. The First International Workshop on Dialog Systems (IWDS)

• Organizer: Young-Seob Jeong and Ho-Jin Choi

• Date: January 15, 2018

• Website:

This workshop aims to create opportunities to discuss about the state-of-the-art studies, and to share on-going works. We hope that this will enhance collaboration among the researchers related to dialog systems. There are many challenging issues, such as out-of-domain detection, distant voice recognition, and end-to-end systems. We want to discuss about how to solve such issues, and share the experiences of applying the dialog system to real-world applications.


3. The 1st International Workshop on Driving Computing Platform for Autonomous Vehicles (DrivComp 2018)

• Organizer: Young-guk Ha and Sung-hoon Kim

• Date: January 15, 2018

• Website:

Driving Computing Platform (DrivComp) is a development workbench technology for high performance computing system and application system for autonomous vehicles that provides high-speed real-time processing of large-volume data obtained from various vehicle sensors and real-time situation assessment. In this workshop, we would like to discuss research outcomes of DrivComp project, consisting of hardware platform, software platform, driving situation reasoning, recognition of road mark and traffic signs, and vehicle control system.


4. The First International Workshop on Big Data Analysis for Smart Energy (BigData4SmartEnergy 2018)

• Organizer: Ho-Jin Choi, Kyuchul Lee, Jinho Kim, Eenjun Hwang and Jason J. Jung

• Date: January 15, 2018

• Website:

AI-based smart energy deals with the challenges of using AI techniques for the efficient management of energy resources in the future, and is becoming an important area of research in many countries. This area has been one of the emerging application domains for both “big data” and “smart computing”. This workshop aims to create opportunities to share on-going works and enhance collaboration among smart energy researchers related to big data or data science, and to foster new innovations of artificial intelligence and smart computing in the areas of smart cities, smart homes, electric vehicles, innovations in energy and sensing devices, and other related areas.


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